Sales begin with Bloodhound.

Streamline your sales funnel with the easiest way to capture, qualify, and follow up with business opportunities.

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The simplest and most effective way to follow up with leads

Entering information into Bloodhound’s system is simple: scan business cards, badges, or add a lead’s information manually. No more scribbled notes or having to rely on your memory. From the tradeshow floor to one-off networking events, the top of your sales funnel starts with Bloodhound.


Use the Bloodhound app to scan a business card or badgecode, or add a prospective business opportunity manually.


When you meet dozens of people every day, you need a sophisticated tool to help you streamline and organize your notes. With Custom Qualifying Questions, Tags, Notes, and more, Bloodhound has the tools you need to simplify your flow, making sure you’re getting the right information.

Follow up

Whether it’s sending follow-up materials or segmenting your leads and reassigning them, Bloodhound provides the tools you need to close the sales loop.

Take your team mobile

With Bloodhound always in your pocket, there's no reason to lose a sales opportunity ever again. Easily add, scan, and follow up with leads on your iOS or Android device.

"Every person, or company, who exhibits at a trade show should know about Bloodhound, the best lead retrieval app around!"
Caron Ory, Small Business Owner
"Bloodhound's new tagging feature automates many of those processes with good, intuitive software. We can't wait to see the impact it has on our business."
Tony Mataya, Developer Relations Manager, Twilio

Join thousands of people saving time and effort by using Bloodhound to manage business opportunities.